Mantis Tillers 2-Cycle or 4-Cycle? Why Are They So Good?

Published: 08th April 2009
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There are, essentially, two Mantis tillers. The 2-Cycle version and the 4-Cycle version. The difference between the two tillers is much more extensive than I had originally thought.
The 2-cycle tiller requires mixing your oil into the gas - which a 4 cycle engine doesn't. In fact the 4-cycle version has a powerful Honda engine. In my opinion Honda is fantastic for these types of engines. I had a Honda lawn mower that lasted for over 20 years - needing only the once-a-year blade sharpening. So I am completely loving a Mantis tiller that has a Honda engine - I know it will be reliable and last for a long, long time!

The 4-cycle Mantis rototiller is slightly quieter than the 2-cycle Mantis rototiller. The 2-cycle weighs in at 20 pounds, while the 4 cycle is 24 pounds. Both manageable for just about anyone really.

Both have a 10" tilling depth and reversible serpentine tines. This patented Mantis system only needs 9 inches (width) so both can get into almost any spot you need.

The 4-cycle Mantis tiller has variable speed control, the 2-cycle Mantis tiller does not.
The 4-cycle has fold down handles, while the 2-cycle doesn't
The 4-cycle has a one=piece cast gear box for greater strength.
The 4 cycle Mantis tiller comes with a FREE border edger and a kickstand. HOWEVER, Mantis is currently offering the same "extras" package with the 2-cycle version.

Both versions have a lifetime guarantee against broken tines.
Both have a 5 year Warranty AND both have a one-year guarantee from Mantis. If you buy directly from Mantis and find that it does not fit your needs - they will give you a full refund up to one year later. That's a pretty fantastic guarantee!

Both of the Mantis tillers are easy to start and powerful - able to break through compacted soil and turn it into the perfect composition for your garden. With the reversible serpentine tines, it's a snap to weed your garden to - with no harm to the roots!

Both the 2-cycle Mantis tiller and the 4-cycle Mantis tiller can edge your lawn along the walkways, dig holes for new plantings and even turn over your compost pile. With a Mantis tiller you'll have a healthier lawn too, and you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars or hours of time to dethatch or aerate, because the Mantis tiller can do that too!

Given all these great features, which Mantis tiller would you choose for yourself?

With the recent addition of the FREE edger and kickstand to the 2-cycle Mantis tiller, the choice is harder than ever!

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